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The Knowledge

  1. Proof of Stake consensus mode

  The coin generation process using Proof-of-Stake starts on the 8th day. For reward calculation the system uses the total of transactions with timestamp values older than the past seven days. On the 8th day Proof-of-Stake generation begins at the interest rate of 3% per annum, the interest rate increases every day to reach 10% on the 31st day. 

  There are several ways to activate Proof-of-Stake generation: 
1. In the configuration file using the line - posgen=1
2. Using the console command - "setposgensingle" (find a single block and switch     off the Proof-of-Stake generation mode)
3. With the console command - "setposgenfull" (search for all blocks using Proof-       of-Stake generation mode)

  To limit the number of coins participating in the Proof-of-Stake generation (place them in the reserve), use the command - reservebalance="xxxxxxxxx" 




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